Will Dudley
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A few pieces I have created.
English Church. Substance Designer, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Unity.
Old Street Courthouse, London. Created using Substance Designer/Painter, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Unity.
Some quick projects using Substance Painter.
A World War Two era motorbike featured in the film Saving Private Ryan. Created as part of a competition for Sketchfab.
M1 Abrams Tank. Modelled in 3DS Max, textured in Photoshop and 3D Coat. This is the second model I created as part of learning the PBR creation and process.
A Unity project that generates stylised floating cities. It is created from modular pieces and uses custom shaders that allow for fine control over light, diffuse and fog colour. The goal was to create picturesque natural towns.
A personal project inspired the 1950's Bendix G-15 Computer. The aim of the project was to develop a 3D Coat to Unity pipeline.
Roger's flat from Disney's 101 Dalmations. Based in a concept sketch by Walt Peregoy.
A cyberpunk noodle bar based on scenes from Blade Runner.
The Watch House from Terry Pratchett's Night Watch. Based on art by Paul Kidby. Created with 3DS Max and Photoshop for Unreal.

HLSL Shders built for Unity
This shader blends between two sets of textures. It combines vertex colours and height maps to give granular control over the blend.
A water shader inspirted by the incredbile oceans of The Legend Zelda: The Wind Waker. This used sine waves to control vertices and texture scrolling, and a depth check to add the edge highlight and darker depths.
A couple of shaders inspired by Overwatch. The first fakes depth for cheap building interiors. The second is a shield shader that shows geometry intersection and alpha blending.
A stylised flame shader than can be used on any mesh. It uses vertical scrolling noise to manipulate vertices.

Examples of tools I have developed for Unity.
This tool loads level information from a small png. I have added a small delay for effect.
Kelvinator lets you set light colour following the rules of Kelvin colour temperature.
LightManager lets you copy and paste light settings, and create your own presets.
ArrayDuplicate allows you to quickly make mutiple copies of an object at set intervals. Similar to 3dsMax's Array, and Maya's Duplicate Special.

Email : wildudley@gmail.com

I am a skilled 3D artist with 5 years experience and have worked on four great mobile games and two AAA published titles. I enjoy working closely with the whole development team to create fantastic looking games that we can be proud of. I have a keen creative mind and am always brimming with ideas and concepts that I can't wait to try out.
I enjoy tackling problems from all angles, so as well as my skills in 3D art, I am developing skills in tool scripting and shader creation. I am always looking to improve myself, and enjoy collaborating with others to find techniques and practices that will enhance the quality and speed of the work we produce.
Freelance Artist - August 2016 - Present

For the past few months I have been doing freelance work. This has included Environment Art, Character Art, and Rapid prototyping.

Lead Environment Artist - January 2015 - August 2016 - Marmalade Game Studios
Artist - April 2013 - January 2015


Facial Animator - Lionhead
March - June 2012

Fable The Journey
Facial animation at Lionhead was created with a morph-target based system. This was primarily used to create animations using video reverence from mo-cap shoots, but also animating to a audio track without video reference.

3D Artist - Rare Ltd
March - December 2011

Project: KINECT SPORTS Season Two
Over the development of Kinect Sports Season Two I took on many roles. Primarily creating in-game assets such as sports equipment, I also spent time rigging props for animation, and tracking down and solving bugs found by the QA team.
I was lucky enough to be kept on for the development of the DLC, and am very proud that some of the new game modes rely entirely on new art that I created.